Committee Chair: Jenn Egel


The Aesthetics Committee exists to make Bread & Roses functionally and visually appealing in its layout, fliers, organization, and store design. Every aspect of Bread & Roses that needs visual consideration is our duty. Whenever we see a potential problem or opportunity regarding the appearance of the co-op, creative meetings are organized for committee members to discuss and plan for aesthetic revitalization.

Ways to volunteer with the Aesthetics Committee include:

  • Cleaning and/or organizing the store/free space
  • Fronting the store shelves
  • Attending events that deal with store aesthetics (e.g. repainting sessions, store organization events)
  • Designing fliers or posters to be hung inside or outside of the store
  • Surveying the store for potential aesthetic projects

For more information on how to complete your monthly volunteer hours by doing the above tasks, contact Jenn Egel at the e-mail provided above.

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