Committee Chair: Marion Lasley


Stocking occurs every Monday at 10 AM. This is a great opportunity to become familiar with the products we carry and to see what new items were purchased. Stocking is a very productive, satisfying & important job. We make sure the store looks good for the customers who shop later in the week.

Description of tasks performed:
Verify that each item on the invoice is received and set aside any other separate and special orders.
Remove all box and bag ID tags and place them on a scrap sheet of paper.
Put the new items on the shelves behind the existing shelf products so that the oldest sells first. This includes cans & bottles, drinks, frozen foods, candy bars & chips, dairy products and bulk items.
Verify and reconcile with the distributor, UNFI, if there are discrepancies on the invoice, especially if we were charged for something we didn’t receive or to request credit on damaged items.
Calculate and update the member and non-member price for each item that was received.
Prepare and place price tags/labels for items on the shelves, freezers and coolers.

Stocking and restocking:
Fill the drink cooler so the drinks (e.g. Kombucha) with the earliest expiration date are in the front.
Stock the dairy cooler & bread freezer in the same manner, keeping the oldest products in front and making sure all other spaces are rotated and all empty slots are filled.
Stock the new bulk items by keeping the older stock so that it will sell first; whether that is on the bottom of the gravity feed bins or removed and replaced on the top of the new product in the scoop bins. This sometimes requires using a new cleaned bin and new labels.
Label and date all bulk bags that would not fit on the shelf and put on the shelves in the office or place the item in a labeled and dated bin, if available. Place flours, most nuts and other items that need to be cool in the overstock refrigerator.
Prepare new handwritten labels for the bulk bin items if there is a new product or the price has changed.
Stock the electric peanut butter grinder hopper.
Stock the spices from the office overflow.
Check the office and the overflow refrigerator & freezer for backstock of bulk products & any items like cans, bottles, coffee and cookies that we bought in large quantities or on sale that can be placed on the shelves now.
Place all bins to be washed back in the kitchen on the back wall counter. Wash them if time permits.
Straighten up & pull all the products to the front of the shelves. Make sure all price labels are in the proper position on the shelf and centered on the products.
Clean the counter, sweep up the floor & put the cardboard & plastic recycle bins out at the curb on the west side of the store and put the trash bin at the curb on the south side of the store.
Eat lunch!

To volunteer with the Stocking Committee, e-mail Marion at!

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