Bread & Roses is a non-profit, all-volunteer run cooperative grocery store and has no paid employees. Bread & Roses members each volunteer 3 hours per month to keep our coop up and running.

There are many ways to complete your 3 monthly volunteer hours. First, you can volunteer in the store during our hours of operation, doing tasks such as fronting shelves, helping customers, and general upkeep tasks. To set up a time to volunteer in the store, visit the store and talk to one of our keyholders (they’re the ones who work the register).

Second, you can volunteer with one of our many committees. Committees are responsible for various tasks necessary for Bread & Roses to function, such as researching and ordering products, stocking shelves, conducting outreach, and maintaining finances. For more information on joining a committee, see the Committees page.

Bread & Roses is based on the principle of mutual aid, which means that everyone contributes according to their skills, talents, and interests and expects reciprocity from all other members, but not on a one-to-one basis. So, if you complete your 3 monthly volunteer hours, you receive reduced member prices made possible by the membership as a whole. This is an alternative economic model with the goals of meeting everyone’s needs and allowing everyone to contribute in a fulfilling way. At Bread & Roses, we desire to model a community in which everyone is responsible to each other, everyone’s needs are fulfilled, and everyone can contribute in a way they find self-actualizing.

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