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All Time Favorites Lobster Recipes

Lobsters are the seafood enthusiast’s greatest satisfaction. It is a very appetizing food can be cooked in different ways and versions. If you are searching for great lobster recipes, here is a compiled descriptive list for your reference and exploration.

Cru Blanc Camembert Cheese: For That Great Tasting Gourmet Meal Everyday

Do you think that having a Cru Blanc Camembert Cheese everyday is expensive? Well, you will be surprised at how you can actually include this cheese to your everyday meal. There are at least 700 varieties of French cheeses and Cru Blanc Camembert Cheese is based on the use of raw unpasteurized milk.

Aklan’s Chicken Inubaran

Chicken is the most common poultry dish feature in Philippine cuisine. The widespread recipes in various restaurants and by home chefs are evidences of this liking. What’s great about Pinoy delicacies is the creativity in indigenous cooking.

What Is Scampi?

Scampi is the term that is typically used for a type of seafood, and it is also used as a culinary term for some types of prawn, especially the ‘true’ Scampi Nephrops norvegicus, but depending on where you live, “Scampi” can mean many different things. In India, the term ‘freshwater scampi’ is generally used when referring to the shrimp Macrobrachium rosenbergii, which is also known as the the “Fresh Water Prawn” or “Malaysian Prawn”.

The Art of Making Biscuits

In the south, learning how to make biscuits is more of an art form than just another recipe. Many people in the south pride themselves on being able to make the fluffiest, butteriest biscuits known to man – and guard their secret recipes with their lives.

What’s For Dinner? 30-Minute Menus for 2011 – 4th Edition

How would you like to prepare fabulous meals for your family in 30 minutes – flat? You can with these menus!

Pizza: Finding Your Base

Pizza crusts play a big role in the style and taste of your pizza. Whether you opt for the thin crust of New York or the thick crust of Chicago, the base of your pizza is of paramount importance.

The Trick for Pot Roast

Entree was first used in France, from the word itself, “entrance”, which means a smaller course which precedes the main course.  Sounds like and indeed it is appetizer, since it was where that word was derived.  But the usage of the term “entree” has long been changed over time, when it is now referred to as the main course.

The Perfect Pizza – What It Takes To Get It Baked

What makes a great pizza? This article looks at each element that goes into a pie and tells you what makes the quality difference.

Test Your Pizza Knowledge – A Fun Fact Quiz With A Few Surprises

Where did pizza come from? When do Americans eat the most pizza? What toppings do they like in Japan? This short quiz full of fun facts will answer all of your questions and also give you a few surprises along the way.

Malaysian Food – Fish Balls

Among the Asian foods, fish ball is one of the prominent dishes that are popular in Malaysia too. This dish can be found in almost every cooking menu. It is commonly used as topping for noodle based or soup based dishes in Malaysia.

Penang Malaysian Food – Chai Tao Kway

Chai tao kway is a common dish of Singapore and Malaysia. This dish is also known by the name, “fried carrot cake” or simply “carrot cake” in Southeast Asian countries. People misunderstood that there is a connection between this dish and sweet carrot cake that is usually eaten as a desert. It is composed of white daikon and rice flour.

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