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Szechuan Peppercorn: An Orient Expression

The Szechuan peppercorn is derived as a berry from the Prickly Ash tree. It is technically not a peppercorn and has a taste that is distinctively different from most other peppercorns. Distinguished by a tingly Numbness and a decidedly lemon like flavor it is highly recommended as a spice.

The Mystery of Truffles

Truffles are a delicacy that only a few have ever experienced. Described as having an intoxicating smell, the mere scent of truffles increase the appetite. While we know that salt and pepper have a compelling feature that gives dining a more memorable experience, it is said that truffles go one step further and unleash emotions upon taking that first bite.

Tellicherry Peppercorns

For thousands of years, this diminutive dried berry has been the reason behind hazardous sea and land voyages, discovery of new continents and countries and the establishment of new sea and trade routes. Entire civilizations have been subjugated to centuries of colonial rule once the door-way was opened up to the spice trade; pepper was used as a king’s ransom, as currency and as medicine.

What Makes People Eat Raw Food?

Throughout kitchens and restaurants around the world, there is a revolution taking place. People are turning to Raw Food as opposed to the cooked food that society has traditionally eaten. Which begs the question: Why?

Malabar Peppercorns

Malabar peppercorns are the real thing! Originating in the southwestern coast of India known as the Malabar region of Kerala state, this mildly pungent, aromatic spice has been used since ancient times to flavor food in almost every part of the world. In India, there are records to show that the spice has been used in cooking and traditional medicine for thousands of years.

Sichuan Peppercorns

Pepper, the most widely used and traded spice in the world has a history that’s as pungent and spicy as its flavor. Countries have been discovered, conquered, wars have been fought, treaties have been signed and entire populations have been subjugated in the search for this Black Magic spice. In medieval Europe, pepper was so treasured that it was even used as currency.

Salisbury Steak

Salisbury steak was a favorite childhood meal of mine. My grandmother would take us out to eat at a cafeteria style restaurant and I would always pick Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Not a very healthy choice but it was what I liked.

All About Buffalo Wings

A buffalo wing in its traditional and original form is likely to consist of the un-breaded chicken wings which are cooked using a deep fryer and later dipped in a hot sauce, like cayenne pepper. Besides the more traditionally served Buffalo wings, they are also often prepared as breaded chicken wings and these are often as mouth-watering as the more authentic form. One of the most common identifying features relating to the different types of Buffalo wings relates to the sauce and spicy flavor.

Different Types Of Casseroles

A casserole is likely to be a combination of vegetables, meat, potatoes, beans, pasta, and rice, which is baked in an oven-proof dish. The name casserole generally relates to the type and shape of the dish that the meals are cooked in.

Fabulous Father’s Day Gifts

Stuck for a good Father’s Day gift idea? Think about making your own hamper filled with treats which your dad will love!

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