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Indian Food Served in Britain and India

The Indian cuisine has become immensely popular around the globe. It is widely accepted and you are sure to find an Indian restaurant near your abode, no matter what continent you are in. it can be rightly assumed that the popularity of Indian cuisine in different parts of the world is initially owing to the British influence of India.

A Look at the Famous Indian Delicacies

The caution and attention that they render to the preparation of the food gives the dish its exquisiteness and beautiful taste. Although some dishes can be prepared in an instant, most of these dishes require a lot of technicality and hence cannot and should not be prepared in a hurry.

Where’s the Real Wagyu Beef?

It is important to know the difference between full-blood Wagyu beef and 50/50 style Wagyu beef. This article explores the differences between kobe beef, 100% full-blood Wagyu beef and all that is in between.

Biryani Is Basmati Rice Based Rich Indian Dish Liked Throughout Country!

Biryani is rice based rich Indian dish and is served both as vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. People in few of the Indian cities can easily enjoy this delicacy as it is available widely in almost every restaurant but majority of other cities in India, this dish is not easily available in restaurants. This dish has a long and time-consuming method of preparation. Therefore, people usually rely on ready to eat, ready to cook or ready biryani masala preparations to prepare the dish at home and thus manage their craving for this delicious food preparation.

4 Scrumptious And Easy Beef Dinners

Easy beef dinners are right at your finger tips. These four recipes exhibit how easy it is for a person in a time crunch can come home from a hard days work and whip up a hot and nutritious meal.

Sabudana Wada Is an Ideal Food During Indian Fasting Festivals Like Navratri!

Many Indians observe fast during religious festivals especially during Navratri, which is widely celebrated religious festival of nine days. They abstain from regular food during fast and stick to special menu allowed during religious fasting. Sabudana wada is a popular Indian snack item widely served across India during religious fasting.

Quick Mexican Chicken, Tortilla, and Cheesy Broccoli Casserole

When everyone is in the kitchen, opening the refrigerator door, and asking when dinner will be ready, it is hard to think, let alone get a meal on the table. You need a quick meal, but what will it be? This Mexican casserole is a quick, balanced meal your family will enjoy.

All About Masale Bhaat – Traditional Maharashtrian Rice Dish

Masale Bhaat is the Marathi version of rice pulao and is a favorite rice dish across Maharashtra. The dish is in the common menu of marathi weddings and is also routinely served in homes and restaurants. Ready to cook Masale Bhaat is also available for the people with little expertise or time to prepare this traditional dish at home.

The Buttery World of Double And Triple Cream Cheeses

Discover the wonderful, delicious world of double and triple cream cheeses, where the terms “butter” and “fat” are synonymous with “delicious” and “amazing”! Double and Triple Cream fromages are incredibly rich and creamy; they’re buttery and easy to spread, with a wonderful natural sweetness thanks to the added cream.

Dal Dhokli Is a Traditional, Healthy, Delicious and Wholesome Gujarati Dish!

Dal Dhokli is a simple single pot Gujarati dish and is a variation of Indian staple diet Dal and Roti. The dish is healthy and nutritious wholesome meal with widespread liking among Indians. The easy and quick version of the recipe is now available as ready to cook Indian Daal Rotii ready mix.

How to Buy, Prepare and Saute Fresh Duck Foie Gras

An easy to follow introductory guide filled with tips and directions to cook a fabulous sauteed duck foie gras dish. Cooking with fresh foie gras can be one of the most intimidating things for an amateur chef to attempt.

Examples of Healthy Foods to Eat

Good health is essential for a proper lifestyle. This can basically be achieved by the consumption of healthy foods. The body needs particular foods for its growth, immunity and repair.

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