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Casseroles – Budget Friendly and Delicious

Casseroles are always a hit in our house. These dishes are a super way to use up leftovers and leftover casserole can be frozen and brought for lunch at work. Here are some of our favorite casserole recipes.

Grilled Shrimp Alfredo

Alfredo is a delicious pasta dish and, when combined with grilled shrimp it creates a dish that is appetizing and delicious. The aroma alone will have everyone drooling. While traditionally shrimp alfredo is made with regular cooked shrimp, using grilled shrimp really jazzes up this dish and gives it an extra bang, especially when using a grilled shrimp marinade.

Tips for Coming Up With a Quick Supper Idea

Having trouble coming up with ideas for a quick end of the day meal? Use these quick tips to make a good dinner for you and your family.

Christmas Food Menu Ideas

Remember, many years ago, when the annual Christmas bash, with its bland, predictable menus and boring booze filled the reluctant partygoers with foreboding; when the discerning palate was forced into exile for the duration of the silly season? Such rituals, mercifully, are now a thing of the past, a distant memory.

Healthy Rabbit Meat Can Be An Alternative Low Calorie Meat Choice

Rabbit meat is eaten all over the world. Rabbits have been raised since Roman times and wild rabbits have been hunted since man could throw a spear. So why is it that some countries have such a problem eating domesticated rabbit? Because you close your eyes and see that happy Easter Bunny with the bright coat and painted Easter eggs and you just can’t bear to kill and eat one of those beautiful New Zealand Whites. It is actually called the Easter Bunny Syndrome and is common in the countries of North America particularly.

Proper Etiquette in Eating Japanese Gourmet Food

Japan is a country rich with a history of honor, hierarchy and etiquette. In fact, they give so much emphasis to these values that they include when partaking their gourmet food.

Get The Basics Tips To Smoke Turkey

Aside from steaming, another healthier way to cook is through grilling. The superfluous fats drips down to the flaming charcoals that creates more smoke. This smoke gives a distinctive flavor to the meat or whatever it is that you are grilling.

Use Cooking Tagines To Whip Up Delicious Holiday Dishes

Thinking of what to cook other than the typical turkey this holiday season? Check out some of the dishes that you could whip up using cooking tagines here.

A Quick Guide on the Cuisines of Singapore

You can see a reflection of the country’s cultural diversity in the array of local cuisines on the menu across Singapore. You can find, in food centres and local restaurants, Malay food, Indian vegetarian thali, a range of naans and briyanis. Cantonese dim sum, Hainanese chicken rice, Peking duck, Fujian Hokkien mee (fried noodles) and popiah (spring rolls). The abundant hawker centres are also the most popular destinations for people in search of variety in tastes available at low prices.While there are a number of cuisines available in Singapore, some of them are particularly associated with this culinary destination.

The Best, Easy, Vegetarian Lasagne Main Course Menu

You don’t have to be vegetarian to love this lasagne recipe. The noodles don’t have to be pre-cooked so you only need two dishes to create it.

Having Weekly Family Dinners

Throughout this article I will discuss a bit about family dinners, and why they are important. Weekly family dinners can bring your family together, and be a fun time for everyone.

Flavors Of The Best Of The Best Recipe

The great aspect about potatoes is how they fit into many various dishes, whether the taste is sweet or not. Scalloped and Au Gratin potatoes are tasty with cheeses and milk being used to compliment the flavor.

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