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What’s the Difference Between Omelette and Scrambled Egg?

Eggs can be considered as a healthy and a tasty food that can be used to prepare many delicious meals. Out of the tasty food that can be made from eggs, omelette and scramble egg are two popular food types that can be found in every corner of the world. Even though omelettes and scramble eggs look the same, there are few differences between them.

Cooking To The Bone – How To Make Ham Bone Soup

Ham bone soup makes a delicious economical and tasty meal. It is an ideal dish to be slow cooked during the day or overnight. However add a little sparkle to the dish be more adventurous, the recipe adds a couple of novel touches.

How To Safely De-Vein Shrimp Before Eating Them

De-veining shellfish can be a time consuming task. Shrimps, as they are known in northern America, or Prawns to the rest of the world, can be easily treated to remove their intestinal tract. The article explains how.

Preparing Alaskan King Crab

The Alaskan King Crab can grow to large sizes with claws reaching in excess of 500 g. The three main types, the Golden, Blue and Red are known for their flavour, some claiming that it is the best in the world! Preparing and serving the claws can be simple, but still leave room for the more adventurous eater to create a special dish.

Filipino Fish Recipe – Rellenong Bangus

To natives of the Philippines this fish dish will be well known. However in the majority of the rest of the world it will be largely unknown. It is a complicated and time consuming dish to make, but the result will stagger your dining companions, and make all your efforts worthwhile. Please read the article.

Cooking Seafood With Summer Vegetables – Fruit De Mer and Samphire

To me there is one dish that sums up the delights of seafood, and that is a classic Fruit de Mer with a large range of assorted shellfish served on ice with fresh Samphire. Cooking seafood at its’ best! The recipe contains a twist to vary the style and presentation.

Main Course Ideas – Different Ways To Prepare Seafood

It is estimated that throughout the world there are 20,000 species of fish. When one considers the many cooking methods, and the options for serving fish dishes, there will be countless numbers of ways to prepare a main meal. The article looks at three different ways for one type, and cut of fish.

How To Choose A Place To Eat

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a new eating place. Who you will be accompanied by is of vital importance whether it be your partner, a new date, the kids and family members or business and work associates. Since the needs of each of these groups will be different and not met at every eating place. The article raises a number of points to consider before making your choice.

How to Make A Healthier Pizza

Pizza has been a major part of high street restaurants for decades. Is it possible to make a healthier Pizza? One with less calories, saturated fats and salt? The three main ingredients responsible for an unhealthy eating regime. Yes it is possible,whilst still maintaining the traditional flavours and tastes.

Learn The Basics Of Using Your Water Boiler At Home

Using water boilers at home is a practice done by many people nowadays. You may have some tools or equipments that you expect to be using long into the future and you want to make the most of what you have. It is only when they stop functioning or become faulty that you realize just how useful they are.

Cooking Seafood With Summer Vegetables – Tuna and French Beans

French beans freshly cooked, chilled and marinated in a garlic and olive oil vinaigrette, provide the basis of this summer dish. When served with a lightly grilled fresh Tuna steak they create the ideal marriage, between chilled and freshly grilled.

Fresh Bass – Cleaning And Frying Bass

Sea Bass, when caught wild, is one of the most exciting and flavoursome of fish. This article covers three factors, freshness, cleaning and frying. If all three aspects are not in unison disaster will be on your hands. The article gives some advice on eliminating the potential problems.

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