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Different Kashmiri Spices And Their Uses In Their Cuisine

Amir commented, “You can never get the taste of kashmiri food in Delhi”. I was zapped and wanted to know the reason behind it. I heard the folks from the Valley reminding me again and again that Kashmiri vegetables and dishes can never be found anywhere else other than Kashmir. I always introspected on this and wanted to know more about the Kashmir food. This led me to know various things about the Kashmiri cuisine, recipes, dishes, vegetables, spices, etc.

The Kobe Region and Why Domestic Wagyu Beef Lives Up to the Standard

Many people are skeptical about domestic Wagyu beef and if it can stack up to Kobe beef. While there are definitely still some boundaries to cross, a few farms in the U.S. have been able to live up to the same standards of the famed cattle from the Kobe beef region.

Chinese “Fake Out”

How to make quick and easy kid friendly beef Lo-Mein. It’s actually a lot easier than folks think.

An Epiphany or Getting Inspired For Dinner

A new dinner idea especially if you like bacon, eggs, cheese. This would be great for brunch too.

Comparison of Traditional Indian Food and British Indian Food

One cannot think of the India without thinking of their diverse food variety, commonly known as the Indian Cuisine. The traditional Indian Cuisine is perhaps one of the most varied cuisines that there are in the world. Each of the various provinces of India has unique traditions and distinctive food choices. The common ingredients used for cooking in these provinces also vary besides their cooking methods and mediums.

A Brief History of How Indian Restaurants Emerged in the UK

Indian food is one of the very popular choices of cuisines that can be found in respectable restaurants in the United Kingdom. All kinds of typical Indian dishes can be found in Indian restaurants there; from Mutton Quorma and Biryani to Gulab Jamun and Palak Paneer. But how did this Cuisine gain such acceptability in a land that was once not familiar with such rich spices?

Gobble, Gobble or the Great Turkey Burger Recipe Hunt

Burgers… Thick, juicy burgers on a buttery toasted bun. Like the ones Jimmy Buffett sings about in Cheeseburger in Paradise. Usually if said burger is made with ground turkey let’s just say the chances said burger staying whole is pretty slim. Turkey burgers are for some reason more inclined to crumble than beef burgers during cooking. My goal was to create a recipe for moist turkey burgers that wouldn’t fall apart during cooking. Besides right now the weather outside isn’t exactly what you’d call “tropical” more like “wet and cold with a side of wet and cold.”

The Food Saga and the Way Indians Deal With It

An article discussing about the role of food, Indian people’s obsession with it and the advent of food online shops. In a country which believes in ‘atithi devo bhavo’ (a Sanskrit verse meaning ‘guest is God’) and makes sure the guest is well fed (fed till he begs for mercy and can no longer be locomotive), food does acquire an important place.

Food Therapy and Ready to Eat Products to Bail You Out of a Number of Problems

Be it in the middle of the night or during the busy day, an uneventful Sunday evening or a happening Saturday night, when we are with guests or all by ourselves, one thing that cannot be forgotten and we can seldom do without, is food. Food keeps us alive and helps us survive. And now, it is assuming a different role, that of therapy, to keep us alive and going.

Roasting the Perfect Turkey – How to Brine and Roast the Perfect Bird

Roasting a turkey intimidates home cooks every year. With the oncoming of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, the idea of cooking an oversized poultry dish is a daunting task, especially when it’s so easy to do wrong.

An Introduction To Essential Culinary Skills

There are hundreds of reasons why an aspiring chef or cook should enroll in a culinary school. It’s not enough to simply know how to cook. In order to be competitive in the hospitality industry, you should acquire basic culinary skills. Now, acquisition of these skills begins with a sound background of certain topics that are discussed in this article. Once you have acquired a solid theoretical foundation of a subject matter, you can then apply it to your cooking. While gaining years of experience in the kitchen is a good thing, understanding essential culinary skills can be of added value.

How To Become A Better Chef or Cook

A guideline on what steps can be taken to enhance one’s cooking skills. Cooking can be rewarding especially if you have the right skills and knowledge. Being a successful cook or chef demands not only experience but good knowledge as well.

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