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Tips On Cooking Seafood – Clams

Clams come in many shapes and sizes and are all bivalve molluscs that live in the sand. The word Clam comes from the old English word “Clamm” meaning to “bind” or “fetter”, referring to the tightly clamped shell. They are great sources of Calcium and are high in Protein. Farming of clams started in the 1930’s in the North East of the USA.

Tips On Cooking Seafood – Mackerel

Mackerel is one of the most widely available fish around the coasts of Europe. It is inexpensive, full of flavour and rich in vitamins and minerals. With time and care in the preparation it can also be bone-free. It is an ideal fish for at least one of your fish meals a week. Try the simple recipes.

Steak Dishes Offer Cool Alternatives to Summer Dining

Nothing says summer fare like a steak on the grill, but there’s more to steak than just the traditional main dish options. Summer is a great time to serve steak cold, in a salad or as an appetizer. These fresh recipes put a cool twist on a hot summer staple.

Fish Smells! But Why?

One of the key reasons why consumers are reluctant to eat fish is that it can give off an unpleasant odour. To find out how it is caused and how it can be eliminated please read the article.

Afternoon Tea – Seafood Style

One of the delights of British cookery is the traditional Cream Tea, with scones, clotted cream, jam, fruit cake and a smoked Salmon and cucumber sandwich. However the dish can be extended with a major seafood influence, to produce a unique blend of flavours. Try experimenting, you will surprise yourself.

Tips On Cooking Seafood – Monk Fish

Monk Fish has many benefits because of the firm texture of the flesh. It can be cooked quite vigorously such as on a BBQ or stir fried, and is ideal with a variety of marinades and spices. It is also a fish that you can guarantee to be free of pin bones. Take a look at some of the simple and quick recipe suggestions.

About Fish: Grill, Fry, Poach or Steam?

Although I would never have believed it, the best two pieces of fish I have eaten lately were poached and steamed: The salmon was poached and the cod was steamed and I cooked both, much to my surprise. I tried both on a whim and found this method of cooking to be far superior to baking or frying. I am not a gourmet cook- I have taken exactly one cooking lesson and that was in Florence, Italy, so I was more than a little distracted.

Tips On Cooking Seafood – Dover Sole

Any type of seafood has unique attributes. The major benefit of Dover Sole is that it can be cooked and served very simply and still stand out on the plate. The taste is mild and delicate and the flesh is easy to remove bone-free.

Cooking And Eating Seafood – A Message To Non Seafood Eaters

There are many people around the world who are against eating seafood products. A small minority because of allergies, but in the main because of the fear of the unknown. How can these concerns be eliminated? The article contains some advice, please take a few minutes to read it.

Cooking Seafood Outdoors – Try Something Different

Seafood is ideal for cooking outdoors, since in the main it is quick to cook. The range of choices is enormous, and need not include the dreaded “burger”. The article suggests three dishes, the preparation of which can all take place at home. Just leaving you to concentrate on getting your cooking source up to the correct temperature, and having a great time.

Eating Seafood – How To Avoid Bones

Consumer research indicates that the most important concern of consumers when eating seafood dishes is the thought of the hidden bone. How can they be eliminated? Please read the article for a couple of simple suggestions.

Cooking Seafood – For Beginners

When going out for a meal at a restaurant or a friends house, how often do you say to yourself “I wish I could have cooked that meal”. Well you can. Having the desire and ambition to do so puts you within striking range. All you have to do now is to apply those thoughts and put them into practice.

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