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Who Do We Have to Thank for Chicken Pot Pie?

One of the earliest and most popular versions of a chicken pie hails from Cornwall in Great Britain. To this day it is referred to as a Cornish “pasty,” and appears more similar to an Italian calzone, encased in a thick, closed crust.

How Eating Seafood Will Help You Live A Longer And Healthier Life – Tip 4 Of 10

Take a moment to consider what are the simple solutions to leading a healthier life. Is it eating more vegetables or fresh food? Is it getting a good nights sleep? Or is it popping the regular vitamin and mineral supplement? The latter is not the answer, read the article to find out why, and more importantly what is the solution to leading a healthier life.

How Eating Seafood Will Help You Live A Longer And Healthier Life – Tip 1 Of 10

Consumption of salt in our food is essential, however large quantities can shorten our lives. Eating seafood helps us to correct the balance, along with providing vital quantities of vitamins and minerals.

Tips On Cooking Seafood – Mussels

Mussels are part of the ‘molluscs’ family of shellfish and have an external hinged double shell. They can form part of many other dishes, specifically fish and shellfish stews and Paella. But they are more than worthy to be considered on their own as a great source for some wonderful dishes.

Most Famous Food Dishes of Goa

Chilis are used extensively in Goan food and most of the dishes are extremely spicy. The Goan bread called pao is also quite popular usually eaten for breakfast along with some kind of Goan curry.

Tips On Cooking Seafood – Cod

Cod is one of the great marauders of the Atlantic with it’s mild flavour, firm and flaky texture and low fat content. The fish has had lots of uses over centuries from the Vikings who carried salt Cod on their long journeys to the use of the fish as part of the staple diet of many parts of Europe. The article considers three options to serve and cook the fish.

Adobo – A Comfort Food In The Philippines

One who has traveled to the Philippines and had tasted the Filipino comfort food called “adobo” will attest to the delectable taste of this main dish. You can use different main ingredients for this dish – pork, chicken, fish, beef, lamb, squid and vegetables. Cooking it is easy as you just have to put the main ingredient with the following spices and condiments – soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper, garlic and bay leaf together. Simmer until the main ingredient is cooked and tender.

Tips On Cooking Seafood – Squid

Squid is one of the most unusual looking types of shellfish, and can to some people appear to be quite scary with it’s tentacles. It is available in a large range of sizes and is adaptable to many cooking methods. It is a personal favourite of mine as the main ingredient for some great seafood dishes. Try one of the suggestions.

Tips On Cooking Seafood – Sea Bass

If one were to open a cookery book, a menu or an article on seafood I am certain that Sea Bass would be the most chosen type of seafood. It is a great fighting fish with superb taste and has many alternative uses. The article contains three out of many hundreds of ways to cook the fish.

Tips On Cooking Seafood – Crab

Crabs, possibly the most versatile of forms of Crustacea. Throughout the world they can be found to live on the land, in fresh water and in salt water, and can grow up to very large sizes. They are considered to have evolved through the Jurassic period, some 200 million years ago and have been caught and eaten ever since.

Steak for Mother’s Day? You Bet!

When many people think of Mother’s Day, they think about flowers, greeting cards and brunches. While that’s all wonderful stuff, too many people treat their moms with kid gloves and assume they know what their mom wants for Mother’s Day. Many moms are even more voracious meat eaters than certain dads are, so why don’t you give your mom some quality cuts of beef for her special day?

Pros and Cons of Dining Outside

There is no doubt that dining outside has a lot of benefits. However, it can also not be denied that dining outside has its side-effects too. It is important to find the right balance between the frequency with which a person dines at home and dines outside.

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