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Creative Foods of Love on Valentine’s Day

Kindle your kitchen creativity with these simple, heartwarming food ideas you can lovingly prepare on Valentine’s Day. Bon appetit!

Saint Maure Cheese: A Must Have On Your Shopping List

A lot of us are not familiar with Saint Maure Cheese. This is another top quality French cheese that was first made by a Loire Valley dairyman. Saint Maure de Touraine Cheese, commonly called as “Sainte Maure”, is a log shaped goat cheese from Touraine, France.

Chinese Cuisine In The Philippines

This is a short list of good Chinese food. It also talks about where to find them in the Philippines.

8 Lucky Foods For A Lucky New Year

Chinese New Year (also called Spring Festival) is the most important well-celebrated occasion observed by the Chinese community. This year, it falls on February 3, 2011. Among the regional customs and traditions looked forward to during this event, food is one of the most fondly anticipated stuff.

How to Make Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage is one of the most popular Winter vegetables in Turkey. There are several dishes made from cabbage such as cabbage stew, cabbage borek (a kind of pastry), cabbage soup, cabbage pickles, and stuffed cabbage rolls. Among all these dishes, stuffed cabbage rolls are my favorite and the most common one.

Pizza: The History Behind America’s Favorite Food

Everyone knows the pizza originated in Italy, but that doesn’t stop us from considering it almost uniquely American. Dine in and delivery restaurants selling pepperoni pies are nearly as ubiquitous as hamburger joints. We know it’s delicious, we know it hits the spot in ways that only it can, but what do we know about its history?

Pizza One of the Highest Selling Foods Across the Globe

Pizza parlors all across the globe have their unique selling propositions, generally called as USP. They specialize in their own unique variety of pizzas and related items. The most popular of them are the multinational food chains which specialize in their sector and have expanded form the high end urban regions of the developed nations to the developing ones.

Eat Breakfast Properly – The Best Habits to Carry Out In The Morning

It’s often forgotten to put something in our mouths in the morning because of our daily hectic lives. But here are the best tips on how to apply those efforts and to which kinds of foods.

A Japanese Woman That Hates Sushi

It’s hard to believe, but where I live here in Japan I actually have a student who hates raw fish. In fact, she may hate all fish, not just raw. Typically, a statement like that might be considered racist, but seriously, I’ve lived in Japan an awfully long time now and I’ve ‘never’ met anyone yet who hates sushi. And I still haven’t met anyone who does not eat rice every day either (for contrast, I recently met a woman from France who assured me that French folks cannot go without their bread every day either- luckily for her, Japan has many wonderful bread shops). Or how about the Thai who can’t eat hot food? These things are just ingrained in us.

Roast Chicken – A Traditional Favourite and Simple Too!

There are few things in the world as pleasant as the smell of a plumb chicken roasting in the oven as you sit down on a cold evening ready to relax and enjoy a nice meal.  There are so many different ways to prepare roasted chicken.  For now, I will provide you with one of my favourites which is roast chicken with rosemary and white wine sauce.

A Guide To Santa Barbara’s Greatest Pizzas

Sure, there are lots of fantastic ethnic restaurants and unique eateries and cafes in Santa Barbara, but what if you just want a good old-fashioned pizza? We’ve got you covered with this guide.

Chicken Cajun Pasta and Deep-Fried Turkey Recipes

This is a great Cajun recipe. Frying makes the turkey crispy on the outside and juicy inside super (even the white meat). It also allows the heat outside! You can fry turkeys in peanut oil or vegetable, your choice. We use a pan 26 / 4 aluminum basket with a drain.

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