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Wanted Food Delivered To Your Home, Here Are Some Factors You Need To Know!

Expecting the best from the bests is quite obvious and when it comes to food items, no one tends to compromise because they are paying the fullest for it. These days the online food services have developed themselves in a very impressive manner to make the food ordering system hassle-free.

Super Easy, But Insanely Delicious 5-Ingredient Chicken Recipes

Having a busy day but still need to cook dinner? Let these 5-ingredient chicken recipes help you out – they’re easy to prepare and they’re delicious!

Foil Dinner Recipes That Everyone Is Loving Right Now

Foil dinners are becoming a trend. If you’re curious about trying meal or two, these foil dinner recipes is a good place to start!

Healthy Palak Moong Dal

Did you know that spinach (palak) is a great source of iron. And moong dal is super rich in protein. Together when combined in a dish these two create a wholesome and nourishing healthy Indian dinner recipe.

Barbecue Wars

To many Americans, the word “barbecue” simply means a backyard cookout of hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks or chicken. Potato salad, sweet corn and coleslaw might round out the menu, with bottled red sauce on the side. For a bit more sophistication, a few racks of ribs. Oh boy, not in some places. If you want to start an argument, just mention barbecue to a Southerner. Or a Texan. Or a Midwesterner. Then get ready, because these folks take their BBQ seriously, and there’s only one way–their way.

3 Unbelievable Peanut Butter Recipes For The Grill

Who doesn’t love the classic comfort food peanut butter? If you’re a fan, then these delicious peanut butter recipes for the grill are a must-try!

Delicious Grilled Seafood Dishes Perfect That You Have To Try

Planning to grill seafood this weekend? These delicious grilled seafood dishes won’t fail you!

8 Restaurant Style Indian Food Recipes

Today, we’re here to open your eyes to the exotic wonders of Indian cuisine with some of the best restaurant style recipes. I hope you enjoy making these dishes as much we enjoyed creating these recipes.

Sandwich Nation

Ham and cheese, any way you slice it, tops the list. BLTs and peanut butter rule at home. Sub shops are where we’re most likely to go, with delis and sandwich chains second. Do it yourself, made fresh or prepackaged, they’re not U.S.originals but we eat them like crazy, with choices galore. No doubt about it, we are a sandwich nation.

Hearty Barbecue Rice Bowls That Are Worth The Try

Want to serve a satisfying dinner to your family tonight? Try any of these hearty barbecue rice bowls!

Tomatoes – From Poison to Pizza

We know tomatoes to be a staple of Italian cuisine, but it was the Aztecs and other South American cultures who had been eating them as far back as 700 A.D. Surprisingly, the popular vegetable (actually classified as a fruit) did not arrive in Western Europe, specifically Italy, until mid-sixteenth century. Europeans viewed them as poisonous, and when they took up residency in America around 1824, it was because of Thomas Jefferson’s vegetable garden. So how did this wildly popular vegetable become one of the most beloved ingredients in so many cuisines the world over? It’s a long story.

Lobster – A Rags to Riches Story

Lobster, the Rolls Royce of shellfish, was once considered the “cockroach of the ocean.” It seems unimaginable, especially when we open a menu at a nice restaurant and see those chilling words “market price.” But in colonial times, for residents in Massachusetts and points north, it was considered rock bottom on the food chain, fit for peasants, servants or farm animals. Oh, to go back to those days when lobster was so plentiful it was sneered at. Well, this shellfish is doing the sneering now, commanding top dollar in grocery stores and restaurants. It is said that live lobsters scream when dropped into a kettle of boiling water, but the screaming more likely comes from the customer contemplating the price.

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