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Malaysian Food – Bak Kut Teh

Bak kut teh is a Chinese soup that is popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Riau- an Indonesian island. The one intriguing factor that makes people stay at Klang is this dish. The food lovers scrutinize each and every ingredient of this dish especially the herbal taste in the soup.

Malaysian Food – Khaaw Pad American

Khaaw Pad American or Khao Pad American is also known as “American Fried Rice.” If you know this by the name of American Fried Rice, you must be thinking that its an American dish that is popular among Malay people.

Penang Malaysian Food: Acar

One of the popular dishes of Malaysia is Acar. It is a salad that is usually made in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It is prepared from various vegetables such as yard long beans, carrots and cabbage.

Malaysian Food

Asam Pedas Fish also known as Ikan Asam Pedas in Malay. This is a Malaysian fish stew dish where a fresh fish is cooked in a tamarind juice. Asam Pedas is so much famous dish that it is commonly said that a trip to Melaka is not completed until this dish is tasted.

What’s For Dinner? 30-Minute Menus for 2011 – 3rd Edition

How would you like to prepare wonderful winter dinners for your family in 30 minutes – flat? You can with these menus!

Malaysian Food – Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar is a famous dish of Northern Malaysia. This dish is originated from Penang. Basically this dish comprises of steamed rice that can be either served plain or has a flavored taste. This dish is itself served with variety of dishes and curries.

Malaysian Food – Mee Rebus

Malaysian cuisine is the most popular cuisine in world for their unique taste. Local community is a big fan of its delicious cuisine. The visitors are just would like to come Malay to taste its food. The very healthy and unique recipes are found in Malay.

Pinoy’s Adobo Delight

Are you looking for a perfect dish to serve for the family? Certainly, the Pinoy adobo could be an ideal choice!

What’s For Dinner? 30 Minute Menus for 2011 – 2nd Edition

How would you like to prepare warm and cozy dinners for your family in 30 minutes – flat? You can with these menus!

The Benefits of Organic Meats

Meats are healthier if the animal was raised in a “free range” style. The finest foods are free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics. There are farms that raise their beef on certified organic pastures with clean air and water and fed organically grown grains.

7 Reasons To Try Quinoa Today

Quinoa is gaining popularity as a healthy and nutritious food source. Because of its many nutritional properties, it is a suitable food for many groups of people who have certain food restrictions. Quinoa is good for dieters, people with gluten allergies, those with heart problems, with migraine and so on.

Chicken Tinola, The Slow But Sure Way

One of the healthy soups primed by most Filipino home chef is the chicken stew or locally called tinola. It is a soup-based dish cooked with chicken, slices of green papaya or chayote, chili pepper leaves, and flavored with ginger, onions and fish sauce.

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